Scientific Advisory Board

Topelia has established a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) chaired by Professor Borody. Members of the SAB have been chosen as recognised global experts in medical research.

The mandate for the SAB is to:

  • Provide strategic advice and make recommendations to Topelia regarding current and planned research and development;
  • Advise Topelia regarding the scientific merit of technology or products involved in licensing and acquisition opportunities; and
  • Provide strategic advice to Topelia regarding emerging worldwide science and technology issues and trends.

Topelia’s SAB is comprised of:

Prof Thomas Borody 

Founder, Medical Director

Prof Borody is most famous for his ground-breaking work developing the triple therapy cure for peptic ulcers in 19871, which has saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and the Australian health system more than $10 billion in medical care and operations2. Professor Borody has more than 190 patents and applications, 3 FDA-approved drugs on the market, and more than 300 peer-reviewed papers published.

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Professor Robert Clancy (AM) 

BSc Med (Hons) MBBS (Hons) PhD DSc FRACP FRCPA

Prof Clancy has an international reputation in the study of infection of the airways and gut, the way the body processes infection, and the development of vaccines to prevent or modify infection. Professor Clancy developed the vaccine Broncostat at the University of Newcastle in 1985. The Broncostat vaccine reduces attacks of acute bronchitis to a degree of 90%3. He was awarded a Doctor of Science by the University of Newcastle for his studies of infection and the immune response at mucosal surfaces. He is a senior Clinical Immunologist, with ongoing involvement in the management of immune disorders.

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1 Borody, T.J. (2016). Development of novel therapies for gut dysbioses. Open Publications of UTS Scholars (OPUS). Identifier: Link to thesis: 2 Eslick, G.D., Tilden, D., Arora, N., Torres, M. & Clancy, R.L. (2020). Clinical and economic impact of “triple therapy” for Helicobacter pylori eradication on peptic ulcer disease in Australia. Helicobacter, 25(6). Doi: 10.1111/hel.12751 Link to article: 3 Clancy, R, Cripps, A, Murree-Allen, K, Yeung, S & Engel, M 1985, 'Oral immunisation with killed Haemophilus influenzae for protection against acute bronchitis in chronic obstructive lung disease', Lancet, vol. 2, no. 8469-70, pp. 13957